​​​Saucon Valley Music Connection

​​​Supporting Saucon Valley ​Band and Chorus

Buffalo Wild Wings

The Fundraising flyer is available below with details on how this fundraiser works as well as a Teammate Card to print and carry in your wallet.  Visit the Buffalo Wild Wings Restaurant in Quakertown, PA.  Present your Teammate Card to let them know you are supporting the Saucon Valley Music Connection.  Visit as many times as you wish between now and 1/31/2018.  Buffalo Wild Wings will donate 10% of total sales to the SVMC.  Enjoy some great wings and support our kids!  Contact Jessy Ziegler with questions.

This sale occurs every month.  There are different specials each month too!

Sale ended


Catalog Sale ends 9/17/2019

Online orders accepted until 1/8/2020

Sales dates were

10/4/2018 to 1/31/2019

Coming Soon!

Trips and events are financed through student and parent fundraising.

Funds are raised in two different ways:

A General Fund is used for general expenses for the band and chorus programs which include uniform cleaning and repairs, providing water during practice, offering scholarships and offsetting the cost of trips and events.  Money for the general fund is raised largely through our Snack Stand but also other group fundraising events.

Each student has an opportunity to raise funds which will be put into his or her own Individual Account.  These funds can then be used to pay the cost of trips.  Parents are able to raise funds for their student's Individual Account by volunteering at the Snack Stand.   

Praying Mantis Fundraiser

Accepting Orders 9/16/19 to 9/30/19

Thirty One Gifts Sale

Thirty One Gifts products are affordable and perfect for any occasion!  And you can make it uniquely yours by personalizing your purchase!  Monthly specials are time sensitive, so if your order involves a monthly special, then submit your order by the 28th of that month.  This is a multi-month fundraiser so you have the opportunity to sell many specials.  Orders will be filled monthly as they are received.  This fundraiser allows online orders from family and friends and their purchases can be shipped directly to them for a shipping fee of $4.00 per order!

Catalogs are available to students in the band and chorus classrooms at school.  This sale is available year-round and benefits the student's Individual Account.  Contact Jana Johnson with questions.

Praying Mantis Fundraiser

The Praying Mantis is an excellent general predator!  They consume aphids, beetles, flies, mosquitoes, moths, caterpillars and any other insect they can catch.  We are selling egg cases that hatch in your yard to hunt, mature and lay eggs to continue your population for next season.  Get your Garden Superheros here!

Matey's Pizza Sale

Matey's offers a variety of 12" gourmet frozen pizzas to raise money for student's Individual Accounts.  The pizzas have a 3 month shelf life in your freezer so stock up!  Our sale dates are September 16th through September 30th.  All orders must be prepaid.  Delivery date is October 9th at 6:00 PM in the High School Cafeteria.  Contact Heather Youse at (610) 739-0001 with questions.


Monthly Madness

Monthly Madness is a fundraiser offered by Dan Schantz's Greenhouse.  In this year round program, the customer pays $20 for their card and visits Dan Schantz's Greenhouse once/month to receive the item of the month at No Charge.  There is no expiration date so if you miss a month, it will carry over to the next year.  The Monthly Maddness Cards can be picked up on May 9th 6PM  at the High School Cafeteria door.  Contact Heather Youse at (610) 739-0001 with questions.

Yankee Candle Sale

The Yankee Candle Sale offers a wide range of candles, fragrances, decor items, gift items and gift bags.  40% of every sale goes to the student's account!  There are two ways to shop, catalog and online.  Online shopping gives us the opportunity to sell to out of town family and friends.  Sales Packets are available to students in the band and chorus classrooms at the high school.  For catalog orders, delivery is made within 2-4 weeks from our sale period.  Online orders ship directly to the customer.  Shop online using Group #990094660.  This fundraiser benefits the student's Individual Account.    All pertinent details are in the packet.  Contact Jessy Ziegler with questions.