Behind the scenes!

SVMC volunteers manage and operate the Snack Stand on the North side of the Montford E. Illick Stadium located near the main entrance.  Profits from the Snack Stand go to the SVMC General Fund.  There is also a contribution to the Individual Accounts of the students who have volunteers represent them at each game.  To volunteer to help with the Snack Stand, go to SignUp Genius.  Admission to the stadium is free for our volunteers.

High school music students can also earn money toward their Individual SVMC accounts

by volunteering in the Snack Stand.  This excludes marching band students as they are needed in the stands.  However, choral and other music students are welcome to participate.

Snack Stand History

The Snack Stand was designed, funded and built by SVMC members and volunteers.  The SVSD School Board selected the physical location of the snack stand and approved the plans for construction.  All construction, permits, licenses, services and inspections were procured and funded by SVMC members and volunteers.

From buying food and supplies, to prepping, cooking and serving,

we do it all for the kids!

Snack Stand

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