Fundraising activities occur throughout the school year.  A broad spectrum of fundraising programs are offered for all students to raise money for the events and activites in which the groups participate.

To facilitate student involvement in music programs at Saucon Valley

our mission:

Support our Students!

The Saucon Valley Music Connection (SVMC) is the parent booster organization for the Saucon Valley music programs including Chamber Choir, Chorus, Concert Band, Jazz Band, Marching Band and Pit Orchestra.   We are a group of volunteers and elected officers that work to raise money to subsidize the cost of participation in these music based activities.  The students in these programs rely on our organization to help fund their activities, trips, competitions and events. Several fundraising campaigns are held throughout the year.  We also provide help with manpower to roadie for the Marching Band and Jazz Band, Chaperone trips, host events and run our snack stand at the High School Stadium.


Chorus programs at the High School are under the direction of Mr. Chad Miller and include Concert Chorus and Chamber Choir.  There are also opportunities for County Chorus and District Chorus.

Supporting Saucon Valley ​Band and Chorus

​Saucon Valley Music Connection

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Band programs at the High School are under the direction of Mr. Michael Marini and include Concert Band, Jazz Ensemble, Marching Band and Pit Orchestra.  There are also opportunities for County Band and District Band.


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